the following is a list of terms and there meanings.

  • Terra -

(Future Earth after "the Big Storm"

  • Aether -

(is a binding, metaphysical and ubiquitous power. it is integral to all subsequent incarnations of the series. Within the series, it is the object of the monastic orders.

  • Rex -


  • Rexo, Rexa -

(kings brother or sister.

  • Revolvo -

(one year on Terra. a little longer than a year on earth on account of the growth in planet size and atmosphere during the "the big storm" aka "the big correction"

  • "The big storm" aka "The big correction" -

A series of world-wide natural disasters of monolithic proportions stretching over the span of one thousand years, and wiping out 40% of the worlds population. it was induced by the biological warfare of "the Death war" and destroyed the "science of desire"

  • "The Death War"

(the world-wide nuclear/biological war that ultimately resulted in the inducing of the "The Big Storm" and the end of the "earth"