The Saphitn People are a large Native Tribes people that inhabit the and protect the Gorge of GallaFalls. There are three major clan of Saphtin; Saphtinites, Saphtinish, and Saphtineans, all from wich hail form the first.


in this sytem It is more than possible (though not very common) for a man to have more than one wife as long as both wives are not of the same clan. This semi-matrilineal Clan system easily accommodates both polygamy (if there is a shortage of men) and serial monogamy. because marital fidelity is stressed, divorce is also accepted via the approvel and mediation of the clan leader. paternity must be positively sure because children inherit property and social status from lineage, even clan membership goes through the father. despite these important variables, they do not treat women as property or try to control their sexuality, instead the female sex drive is praised and looked upon as great fortune and fertility.

merriage is not arranged unless needed but, no one may marry inside his/her clan, and it must be approved and sanctified along with the location of residence by the Sephtin Council.

male leaders called "Rex" are elected from hereditary blood lines and governed by assistance of the tribes woman and male council. the remaining of the blood line are referred to as 'Rexo'(male) and 'Rexa'(female). Rexa although socially praised and sometimes a party to, have no speacial influence on the council women.

no one Leader rules all clans, instead, a council of nominated Rex leaders and secular tribal council woman oversee them, this is called the "Sephitin Council". clan members can travel anywhere within the the gorge, although they need no permission and are greeted with love and joy, there presence must be announced as a form of respect.


houses are built by the selected community and overseen by the head of household. they are made out of speacially milled saphtin sequoia wood, and erected into domes with the main floors sunk below ground level. house size varies for numerous reasons, ex; family size, occupation, speacial needs, and social status. they also have numerous community sweat houses and menstrual lodges. roofed with poles and earth, thickly insulated with bedded grass. the house/lodge produces steam by pouring water upon several hot stones placed in the centre of a rack in the middle of the room.


"Aether" is similar to "ki" or "chi". it is the projected mental, metaphysical power, and soul extended by limbs and weildable objects, magnified by willpower and discipline. depending on the person their Aether can imitate, become, and co-operate with elements. as well as capable of Material-Energy Conversion, conjuration, alteration, destruction, illusion, restoration, and glamouring. within the realms of Aether there is a strong prominence of prophesy and inability to control one's destiny and the belief that the self-destructive nature of fear, anger, hate, selfishness, and lust for power, although a valid necessity are lesser emotions. Patience, discipline, humility, monasticism, respect for one's elders, peace with one's self, trust in things spiritual over things physical, and self-sacrifice are extolled as virtues. However virtuosic, or lesser, all of the aforementioned emotions and morals are equally valid, but always second to a stoic position of setting aside personal feelings for others in order to bring about a greater good. The belief system is semi-animistic, with a marked absence of elaborate myth or ritual. The principal religious event in the life of the boy or girl, is the "dream vigil", when, after the solitary fasting for several days, the fevered 13 rev old(13 yr old) has a vision of the spirit animal which was to be his or her tutelary through life. Dreams and hallucination based visions are the great source of its spiritual instruction.


Cuisine varies with location. extremely high in agriculture and richly plentiful for hunting fishing and gathering. aside from herding bovine and ovine, fishing and hunting(mainly salmon, poultry, and red meat) there is high emphasis on gardening for fresh vegetables and a large variety of roots. roasting and candying some roots and grinding flowers and making cakes with others. an extremely large variety of vegetables, herbs, spices, grains, and sauces are used in sephtin cuisine, ranging in from hot and sweet to savory and bold.


It is said that the first group of saphtin where on a pilgrimage durring the second semester of the "big storm" to find the source of "world correction" lead by Moyahu Ariel. the Saphtin pilgrims combined there mentalities and asked the Aether to raise the Gorge of GallaFalls out of the geography and afloat in the sky above. creating the Terra's largest waterfalls and body of fresh water directly under it, where the parallel mountain structures that formed the gorge used to be.

a typical Saphtin is a rare thing to see in the Terra but known to happen. Infact all the aether statues are created by Saphtin during their "Walkabouts", as a tribute to the Aether and the land it is on. they have a slightly tan creamy peach-bronze skin tone. usually having dove white or salt and pepper colored hair, usually in dreadlocks or loose curls. they wear gauged plugs in their earlobes, and one in the center of the lower half of their bottom lip.


the Saphtin people use the barter system as a universal currency between all the tribes. although they dont use it as a form of currency unless trading with the outside world, their sands that line the river in the gorge are extremely littered with gold, diamonds, and rubies of all shapes and sizes. as well as large natural reserve of oil, and copper within the land. the diamonds and rubies are sacred however, they use the gems in their aether practices.