in the beginning of the end, after us and before them. the callander reads the day would be the 28th of january, in the year of 2035, and the earth is getting ready for its own death. cities radiate smog and poison, plastic gathers over it's blue oceans and stagnates its mobility. buildings and cities turned to rubble.

the scientific feild of world domination and advancment in technology for the sake of it has become top priorities of the living. countries that arent dead or radioactive live underground and try to remember what a blue sky and a sunny day look like, while theyre scientists quest for power sources and research biological warfare.

the milestone action of Dr. Zarkum Vinraux's research team breaking into the earths core, meanwhile nuclear bombs are being set off all over its outer crust, all climaxed on this day of january the 28th, on the last year of the earth's life 2035. the combonation of Dr. Vinraux's excavation, extremely low natural resources, massive amounts of nuclear bombs and technology acomponied by biological warfare, is what hemhorraged the planet and caused the global meltdown. this milestone day also caused the globe's "self correction".