her mother is from an order of Female guardian soul reapers who serve as "Gaurdias" that have "grim reaper" responsibilities to protect over the terra's innocence, and her father is a saloon owner/proprietor. she is drop dead gorgeous with intensely beautiful eyes, drinks too much, talks too much, has a chaotic "virgo" attitude, hates that she has a concience, and has her mothers abilities.

when "reaping" or "animating" she loses all color in her flesh and eyes, her hair turns pitch black and all her vocal cords work at the same time. her body lifts off the ground as if gravity barely applies to her, kind of dragging her tippy toes on the surface the ground beneath her moving at uber speeds(kind of like a sexy vampire/zombie that almost hovers but can move as fast as a car). with a single touch she can see through a persons mind, their deepest darkest secrets, feeling locked away memories and tramatic experiances, or even eraticate their soul and give it back to the aether. the differeance between Corina and other Gaurdias, is that she can give life as well as take it.