1. Aether: Revolvo [1 book, 4 parts]

- (An "Aether Bible" that chronicles the pilgrimage of the trials and tribulations of the Saphtin people lead by Moyahu Ariel, as well as  the physical/metaphysical change of Earth and its inhabitants into the strange and new planet Terra.)

2. Aether: Walkabout [2 books, 8 parts]

-(a chronicle of Eliyahu Ariel's coming of age "walkabout" journey through vast and strange young planet Terra.)

3. Aether: Complications [3 books, 12 parts]

-(a chronicle of a group of 3 families as they lay claim to a beautiful land and try to get along over the years, all the while surviving; a neighboring war led by Saddnezzar, looters, con-artists, internal domestic issues, and beasts. [avram and lot story meets "fistful of dollars"]
~the first book is about their pilgrimage during "the big storm"
~the second is about internal struggles for rank durring their progression.
~the third is about their encounter with eliyahu and his group during a neighboring war led by Saddnezzar and several plagues durring the 3 year war.

4. Aether: Contention

 - (chronicles eliyahu's undercover stay in "iron city" where Saddnezzar's throne sits and his strike on its millitary soon after.)

5. Aether: Aerials

   -  (chronicles eliyahu's quest to errect, establish and, connect 3 major radio towers across the terra to unite and voice the people.)