first concept art of book one's cover and "the gorge of GallaFalls"

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Aether is a series of epic high fantasy semi-graphic novels written by Endizm Alcalay. The storys began as concept art, then into a dedication to Alcalay's younger cousins, nephews, neices, and soon developed into a much larger story. The action in Aether is set in what the author manifests to be the lands of the real Earth, inhabited by a diminished population of humanity, placed in a fictional post-apocalyptic future, a thousand years after humanity forces the world to correct it self of the damages from extreme nuclear and biological war-fare. Alcalay gave this setting an ancient Latin name, Terra, meaning earth. The story concerns peoples of mystical, extravagant, mythical, and humble origins, it centers on the travels of a coming of age youth named Eliyah Ariel . Starting from quiet beginnings in the floating gorge of Gallafalls, the stories range across the Terra and mainly follows five appendices that provide a veritable wealth of historical and linguistic background material, as well as an index listing every character, place, song, and sword. each story is a peice of a larger mythological cycle, or legendarium, that Alcalay has worked on for many years. Influences include philology, mythology, genealogy, religion and theoretic science, Alcalay's own travels and experiences, as well as earlier fantasy works from Tolkiem, hollywood zombie flicks, and several manga stories.

Back StoryEdit

3000 years before the chronicles of eliyah, the planet earth was; over populated, infested with disease, and self destructing. tapped of its resources and hemorrhaging with natural disasters, it hurled into reset mode by form of a 2000 year storm.

the storm was pretty much broken up in quarters; 500 years of black skies and natural disasters, 500 years of wind, 500 years rain, and lastly 500 years of temperate weather. the 2000 year storm changed and reshaped every aspect of the earth: from a physical continent rearangement - to the tiniest of molecular levels. the planet itself grew larger in surface area, increase in gravity, and longer days. the world had evolved, and so had its inhabitants. 

In the last quarter of the storm, about 3000 people had a unique wild hair to pilgrimage, alone, to a specific location. it was gigantic gorge of tall mountains, vast rivers, and green forests. in the very center, hovering directly above the main river vein, was a large orb of sparatic energy the size of the hoover dam. the people gathered together and with their shared conciousness, they lifted the gorge a mile above the geography. the elevation calmed and eased the energey into embrace with the floating mass, and there it stays floating, and flowing its rivers into the 2000 square foot lake below.


Eliyah Ariel

First coloring and sketch of Eliyah

Main(Good): 1. Eliyah Ariel  2. Deza Tinar 3. Corina of Bella Messor

Secondary(Good): Raziel Haakham

Planet Terra (The ReArranged & Enlarged Earth)Edit


Terra 1000 years after "The Death War"

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